Dr. TJ Dhillon BDS, DDS Dental Clinic

Why this Dentist is different from the others in Hamilton

We realize that when it comes to choosing a dentist in Hamilton that's right for your root canal for example, you have many to choose from. Almost everyone is very well qualified, so why choose Dr. Dhillon BDS, DDS as your dentist?

We believe that we give many reasons to choose us. Here a just a few reasons why we believe your trust in us will be warranted

* Standard of care –Dr Dhillon graduated in the UK at the top 5% in class. He was trained by world renowned professional. Following years of solid experience in practice along with further education, Dr. Dhillon BDS, DDS dentist ran a very successful office.

Dr Dhillon philosophy has always been to be the best you can be. This led him to continue his education. Achieving an exceptional standard of dentistry here in Canada with further certification and experience in aspects and challenges which has taken him to a level only few can demonstrate.

Value& appreciation

* At Dr. Dhillon and his friendly knowledgeable staff, prefer to establish a solid relationship by treating each patient as an individual. They are valued and appreciated by being treated with dignity and respect.

Long Term Goals

* Enhancing your smile is one of our long term goals, though your overall health is a major focus. That is why we take a conservative approach to dentistry. Our aim is to stop teeth from deteriorating by offering less invasive treatments. Giving your teeth a natural chance to last a lifetime.

Honesty and transparency

* Trust is achieved by our belief of honesty and transparency. Our approaches of treating our patients as we would wish to be treated. We have built a solid foundation by taking an ethical approach and integrity of our standards of service

You Choose.

* Discussions with our patients have always been a number one priority. Our patients are assured prior discussions regarding treatments.

We will engage in giving our patients all the options available. Then it would be up to each patient to choose. Then prior to any procedure, documented approval.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Dhillon BDS, DDS please call: 1-905-388-8888 or